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We are located in Eckhart Hall, Room 205.
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Office of Financial Aid Hours
Monday-Thursday: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Heather McKane
Heather Granart, Dean of Student Financial Services
630-844-6190 ·

BA, Psychology, Aurora University
MS, Public Service Management, DePaul University

Financial Aid Experience: Since July, 1989

Tasha Campbell
Tasha Campbell, Director of Financial Aid
630-844-3684 ·

I advise: Aurora Campus undergraduate students.

BA, Communication, Western Illinois University
MA, Public Administration, Keller Graduate School of Management

Financial Aid Advice:  If your family has experienced a significant life change (loss of income/benefits, separation/divorce, major medical expenses) that is different than your FAFSA information, you can complete a Special Circumstance Form.   The Special Circumstance and Dependency Committee meets weekly to review SPC requests. Please pay attention to the different documents that you will need to submit for the given situation.

Financial Aid Experience: Since January, 2007

Jenny Becker
Jenny Becker, Student Financial Services Counselor
630-844-6556 ·

I advise: Aurora Campus undergraduate students.

BA, Applied Behavioral Science, National Louis University

Financial Aid Advice: The financial aid process can feel a little like a matrix at times, and our office is here to help you through it. Ask us when you have questions. We are your best resource.

Financial Aid Experience:  Since October, 2011

Ryan Coughlin
Ryan Coughlin, Student Financial Services Counselor
630-947-8910 ·

I advise: Aurora Campus Graduate students and Off-Campus Graduate Education Cohort students.

Education: : 
BA, English, University of Illinois at Chicago

Financial Aid Advice: Read all of your forms carefully and remember to fill them out completely. Remember, also, to sign and date all forms.

Financial Aid Experience: Since August, 2008

Kirsten Day
Kirsten Day, Student Financial Services Counselor
630-844-6533 ·

I advise: Aurora Campus undergraduate students.

BS, Mathematics with Secondary Education, Aurora University
MBA, Leadership Concentration, Aurora University

Financial Aid Advice: Turn in your financial aid documents as soon as possible. You can view the items that are missing on WebAdvisor.

Financial Aid Experience:  Since May, 2014

Jennifer Everhart
Jennifer Everhart, Online Student Manager
630-947-8921 ·

I advise: All online students.

BS, General Studies, Northern Illinois University

Financial Aid Advice: If you have questions or concerns, please ask!

Financial Aid Experience:  Since May, 2008

Jennifer Hernandez
Jennifer Hernandez, Student Financial Services Counselor
630-844-5141 ·

I provide/advise: Aurora campus undergraduate students.

BA, Psychology, Northern Illinois University
M.Ad.Ed., National-Louis University

Financial Aid Advice: Participating in the Federal Work-study Program is a great way for students with financial need to earn a paycheck to help pay for college expenses, while gaining relevant work experience.

Financial Aid Experience: Since November, 2010

Lindsay Janssen
Lindsay Janssen, Assistant Director of Financial Aid
630-844-4916 ·

I advise: Aurora undergraduate students, as well as all of our George Williams College and Woodstock Center students (both undergraduate and graduate). I also advise all of our Veteran students (both undergraduate and graduate) and process VA benefits.

BS, Business Administration, Aurora University

Financial Aid Experience:  Since April, 2007

RosaAna Nunez
RosaAna Nunez, Financial Aid Assistant
630-844-7821 ·

I provide: customer service to everyone by answering phone calls and responding to emails with any questions that you may have.

Massage Therapist, 1st Choice International

Financial Aid Advice:  Please be sure to have your photo ID with you when discussing specific financial aid information or when dropping off any paperwork.

Financial Aid Experience:  Since August, 2011

Katie O'Connor
Katie O'Connor, Student Financial Services Counselor
630-844-4948 ·

I work with various offices on campus to process and monitor specific populations such as RA Awards, Dunham Scholars, Music and Theatre Scholarships, Dunham Nursing Scholarships, Tuition Assistance for AU Employees/Dependents, and Outside Scholarships.

BA, Double Major: Sociology and Criminal Justice, University of Dayton

Financial Aid Advice:  Complete your FAFSA as close as possible to October 1st each year to avoid missing important deadlines for state and federal financial aid.

Financial Aid Experience:   Since December, 2002

David Rabadan
David Rabadan, Student Financial Services Counselor
630-947-8929 ·

I provide/advise: All online students.

BA, Hospitality Management, Robert Morris University

Financial Aid Advice:  Please let our office know if your enrollment hour’s change, as this could have an impact on your financial aid.

Financial Aid Experience: Since May, 2015

Greg Sundstrom
Greg Sundstrom, Financial Aid Loan Processor
630-844-7520 ·

I process: the Title IV loan funding, Parent Plus and Private Loans.

BA, Applied Behavioral Science, National Louis University

Financial Aid Advice: Knowledge of the Financial Aid process is key to a student’s success in financing their education. It becomes easier to navigate if you read the forms thoroughly and ask questions in order to understand everything that it has to offer.

Financial Aid Experience: Since October, 2011

Dianne Zmolek
Dianne Zmolek, Financial Aid Student Compliance Counselor
630-844-6505 ·

I coordinate: the loan process for all students who borrow loans and parents borrowing the Parent Plus Loan.

AAS, Early Childhood, Waubonsee Community College
BS, Elementary Education, Aurora University

Financial Aid Advice:  Borrow wisely - borrow only what you need to cover your costs.

Financial Aid Experience:  Since July, 1988

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